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Cocktails & Costumes is back!

Shop, Sip & so much more with with A Wish Come True Friday, November 9th.

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Looking for a way to get new students and new business into your studio?

Why not start a Tiny Tots program?


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Celebrate Michael Jackson and give back to your community with Thrill the World.

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Customize Your Leggings

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How do you lace up our customizable lace up leggings?

See 7 ways we customize them & then tell us how you do it!

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It’s a Summer Show-down with all these great dance conferences!

Which one will you attend?


Did You Know….

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… Using hairspray on feathers will help keep them in place!

Watch the video to see how it works!

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Looking to up your dance team’s game this year?

Design a look that perfectly suits your squad with A Wish Come True.



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Make your team’s new costume or uniform all about their unique style with easy and affordable customization with ‘A Wish.’

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Make sure your parents are having fun at your next Competition with 3047921556!

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Wishes for 2018

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Happy 2018!

Keep reading to find out ‘Wish’ employees 2018 New Year’s Resolutions!

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